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2-Cycle Multi-Purpose Engine Oil


Universal 2-Cycle Engine Oil is specially formulated and tested for use in two-cycle engines at the appropriate oil / fuel ratios.

Available packaging:
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Warco Universal 2-Cycle Engine Oil is a high performance oil engineered for air cooled, two-cycle engines. It is formulated to prevent excessive wear and cut deposits to a minimum. It prevents plug fouling, port plugging, ring sticking, and maintains engine cleanliness.

Product Advantages

  • Easy starts
  • Reduces deposits
  • Extends spark plug life
  • Protection against scuff, wear, rust and corrosion

Warco engine oil is available in a variety of viscosities in the following sizes:

Package Size Case Size (Cubic Feet) Case Weight (Gross)
12 x 1 Liter Plastic Bottles 0.81 CF 25 lbs / 11.34 kg
4 x 4 Liter Plastic Bottles 1.26 CF 35 lbs / 15.88 kg
4 x 5 Liter Plastic Bottles 1.32 CF 40 lbs / 18.14 kg
19 Liter Plastic Pail 1.44 CF 42 lbs / 19.05 kg
1 x 55 Gallon (208L) Steel Drum 10.7 CF 460 lbs / 208.65 kg